Launching A Second Generation 1970 Camaro On To America’s Streets … The Scramjet!

What’s a Scramjet? A Scramjet is a Top Secret sub-space plane that can travel at speed of Mach 4 or 5. It doesn’t look like any conventional jet plane, since it is launched on the fringes of space.

Most artist renderings show them as pure, smooth and clean. While the airborne Scramjet’s future is a mystery, the land-based version is here NOW!

Making the most of the slippery second generation Camaro style, Scramjet has seven body scoops on the hood, roof and fenders, but when parked they close seamlessly with the body. A fabricated nose extends forward several inches with a deep air-intake grill, and is complimented by Corvette bumpers and tunneled headlights.

At the rear, 1990 Corvette ZR1 taillights are sunken into a special rear panel with a central exhaust, Corvette bumpers and integrated rear spoiler.

To provide Scramjet-level performance, a Chevrolet Performance 427 LS7 crate motor is hooked to a 4L80E Turbohydramatic and covered by a hand-fabricated engine surround. The Camaro uses Art Morrison front and rear chassis sections with Ride Tech suspension and SSBC disc brakes. One-off Hot Rods By Boyd/Penfound Design 19-inch wheels and Toyo Z-rated performance tires carry the theme of clean and smooth to the street.

A unique semi-gloss paint, “Mach 4 White” was created by PPG color stylists. The interior features Kenwood/JVC head unit with InfinityBox intelligent wiring allowing most car functions, including engine start and stop, power window controls, headlight functions, and scoop opening and closing. Special Corbeau sport seats and a carpeted rear storage area are other interior features.

All of this technology and style make the Scramjet new kind of second generation Camaro.