Skills … Helping Make Penfound Design Cars Happen


Penfound Design isn’t so much about cars as people. There are sponsors (shown on the Links page), clients and a raft of talented people who have helped make Penfound Design cars cool. Here are some of them.


Jack Matia / client
Jeff Miller / transportation and marketing
Classic Revivals / body, paint and assembly
John Leonard / body, paint and assembly
Jeff Gulley / body, paint and assembly
Paul Jonela / body, paint and assembly
John Lasky / body, paint and assembly
Paul Phares / body, paint and assembly
Brian Stitt / body, paint and assembly
Jim Wright, Motorheads / engine building
Bob Krekel / mechanical and tuning
Steve Tracy and Josh / custom plating ideas
Arden Kyer / metalfinishing
Classic Engines / engine building
Ken Wilhelm / engine building
Rick Balmert / audio consultant
Skip Wells / illustrations
Darrell Hammond / illustrations
Steve Stanford / illustrations
Stuart ‘Mitch’ Stilger / illustrations
Don Vierstra / illustrations
Rich Chenet / photography
Chris Coddington / wheel design
Chuck Grm, Klaus Grm / interior
John D’Agastino / inspiration
Aaron Lynch / body, paint and assembly
Dan ‘Jake’ Perry / introductions
Paul Behling / reviews
Joe Popoczy / history
Kerry Kilpatrick / ideas
Tim Nolan / ideas
Dean Sadowsky / ideas
Ric Kellor / ideas
Joel Hedrick / ideas
Doug Albohn / ideas
Mark Abercrombie / ideas
Grady, Echo Burrell / encouragement